What we offer


A plug in diagnostics from the comfort of your own home. This means you can spend less time worrying about recovery to a garage and more on the important things in life. No matter the day, we can help.

We have Dealer level diagnostic software so can diagnose faults quicker and more accurate that the cheap readers from ebay.


We offer a range of auto electronic services. Whether its a broken wire or rewiring and installing the electrics for a camper conversion. we also offer the following;

-Vehicle Audio upgrades

-BMW steering lock reset

-SRS reset and diagnostics

-wiring modifications (lights .ect)

-Immobilizer reset

-Reverse sensors


Classic car electrical restoration.

Over the years, cars have many modifications added and removed. We can rewire the vehicle to make it safe and functioning just like it was when it was first built. We can also upgrade your old fuse box for a modern style box. As fuses have gotten smaller so have the fuse box’s as seen below.

Where we cover

We can travel further however, an extra charge will be added.

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