Vehicle Security

With the rising number of vehicle thefts in the UK, we offer a number of services to prevent this from happening, all from as little as £20.

Keyless Entry

The most common vehicle theft if from Key boosting. this is when the thief hold a signal booster by your front door which boosts your key signal to a receiver being held close to your vehicle. This makes the vehicle think the key is close giving the thief access to the car and can drive away.

A simple solution to this is a Faraday pouch. This blocks the signal from the key ,making it impossible to pick up a signal to amplify.

Click on the image bellow to find on amazon.

CAN Immobiliser

A more expensive way of protecting your vehicle is with a system like a Can-Phantom aftermarket immobiliser.

These system prevents the vehicle’s engine from starting until a unique PIN code has been entered. Protecting the vehicle from theft, including keyless theft.

Dummy OBD ports

On Range rovers, a simple Faraday pouch isn’t enough. They can plug a device into the OBD port and create a new key for the vehicle. A simple fix would be a dummy old port fitted to the vehicle. the port still has power to it however, doesn’t have any CAN wires meaning no connection to the vehicles control units.

We can supply and fit for £50, regardless of the vehicle.


Trackers are a great way to find your car if your car does get stolen.

we can fit a verity of trackers to vehicle depending on the application.

Trackers are also great for companies with a number of vehicles to track the location and keen an eye on speed and location.